Yoga & Freediving

During our holiday in Koh Tao (Thailand), we had the opportunity to stay at New Heaven diving school and train yoga for freediving with Yoga and Freediving instructor Devrim Zahir. We decided to record a discussion on the similarities and differences between these two disciplines, as well as how yoga can be used as a tool to prepare your body and mind to dive deep.

Here is a summary of a yoga for freediving practice as worked on during our stay at New Heaven. Building up a yoga practice can hardly be summarised in a post. But this might be helpful for freedivers with yoga experience. You will also find the discussion with Devrim split in 5 episodes at the bottom of this post.

Freediving Yoga Practice

This practice is a transformative Sadhana, it will bring you clarity, peacefulness and happiness. Use the Sadhana as an experiment to see how a daily yoga practice can work for you.

Practice one – Sun Salutations

Padahastasana (hand to foot)
Ashva Sanchalana (Equestrian- take the right foot back first)
Parvathasana (mountain)
Sashtanga (with 8 parts of body)
Bhujangasana (cobra)
Ashva Sanchalana (take the right foot forward)

Now repeat again with left foot going back first and then coming forward with Ashva Sanchalana

This is one cycle
You can make 1 /3/6/9/11/12 cycles depending on time available.

Practice Two- Asana

Ekapada Utthanpadasana (single leg 90 and 45 degree)
Dwipada Utthanpadasana (both legs 90 and 45 degree)
Shalabhadana (locust)
Right leg then left leg then both legs together.
Makarasana (crocodile) in between postures if needed.
Naukasana (boat) Arms first then both legs, then arms and legs together.
Bhujangasana (cobra)
Dhanurasana (bow)

Practice three – Bandhas

Yoga Mudra (yogic seal) 3 cycles
Lolasana (Swinging) 3 cycles
Uddyana Bandha (diaphragm lock) 3 cycles

Practice four – Pranayama

Nadi Shuddhi (Balancing right and left channels) 5 minutes
Spinal Breathing Pranayama (clearing the central channel) 5-10 minutes

Practice five – Mediation

Breath meditation on the nostrils. 10-20 minutes.

Practice six – Shavasana

5-10 minutes

Written by

  • Jonathan Bigler


  • Lise Bregeon


Publisert: 25. desember 2018